Get Involved

Christian Education: Oversees the education ministry of the church. Researches and approves curriculum for children and adults. 

Fellowship and Nurture: Assigns members of the Session to serve as “Shepherds” or care partners to each member of the congregation. Plans activities such as pot-luck suppers, games, etc. 

Finance: Collects the money and pays the bills. Submits a budget for the coming year and encourages generosity within the membership. 

Missions: Promotes the various local, national, and international missions which have been adopted by our church. Always looking at new opportunities to serve! 

Properties: Maintains, repairs and replaces items which need it. Regular grounds maintenance provided by the “Whackers,” a group of men who work diligently during the growing season. 

Worship: Oversees the worship life of the church. Prepares the Sacraments and con-sults with the Pastor and Church Musician on matters relating to our services of worship. 

In addition to these, the Presbyterian Women participate in every aspect of the life of the church and host a monthly Bible Studies, one on Tuesday afternoons.