Scott Atchinson

Facilities and Maintenance

Judy Cushing

Flowers Easter and Christmas kitchen cleanup

Betsy de Queljoe

Shepherds Groups , Hospital and Elderly visitation

Sandi Downes 

Souper Bowl Luncheon; Sunday Support (food sign-ups, etc); cleaning volunteers.

George and Susan Greene
Souper Bowl publicity; Puppet Ministry skits (6+); Stewardship (puppet skits, church donation bank for loose change for children and Financial Peace University).

Crawford Hammond
Facebook (along with three others - Linda, Vicky and Elaine); Nursery Schedule/Volunteer Clearances; Christmas Programs; Approved Offerings (One Great Hour of Sharing)

Brenda Harrelson
Chairperson of Deacons; schedule Bread Breakers (once a month Sunday lunch outings for church attendees on 3rd Sundays every month unless liturgical conflict)

Joe Harrelson
Grounds and Whackers (includes any and all issues and responsibilities for outside of the church building).

Linda King
Website Development (with Gary Johnson); Public Relations; Marketing; Veteran's Sunday; Approved Offerings

Gary Johnson
Friendship Pads Disbursement & Collection; Manage and Administer website; Men's Sunday School Class/Group; Veterans Day Service.

Becky Lango
Shepherd Groups (coordinate with Betsy de Queljoe); Visiting Chatham County hospital and elderly visitation

David and Linda Renton
Food Delivery to Food pantry; trash disposal; Ushering (David); Name Tags (Linda); assisting with Communion Preparation (Linda)

Area of Reponsibility


Christ Presbyterian Church Pooler

1765 Quacco Road, Pooler GA 31322                                                            Sunday School  9:00AM
 912-399-5717                                                                                                Sunday Service 10:00 AM

Session Members

Christ Presbyterian Church

  1. Moderator (open)

  2.  Deb Theodotou - Class of 2021

  3. Dave Renton- Class of 2021

  4. Marti Stein- Class of 2020

  5. Lisa Berg  Clerk of the Session Class of 2020

  6. Sher Claus-Class of 2021